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Neil Hilborn - “Static Electricity”

"Kissing you is like a bundle of kittens colliding with my face at 0.5 miles per hour."

Performing at the Saint Paul Poetry Slam.

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Neil Hilborn - “Audiobook”

"Step 7: You’ve been in love with two people for a while now. Tell them about each other! Whichever one stays is the winner!"

Performing at the December 2013 Soap Boxing Poetry Slam #thebeardiscomingback

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Guante - “REACH”

"Don’t paint my house white and tell me it’s heaven. Don’t bring me a sack of beans and tell me they’re magic. Bring me magic."

Two-time NPS champion Guante, performing at the Saint Paul Soap Boxing Poetry Slam.

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Support the artist! Watch the full poem: Javon Johnson - “cuz he’s black”

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Sierra DeMulder - “The Tampon Poem”

"Bears aren’t attracted to menstrual blood. MENSTRUAL BLOOD IS ATTRACTED TO BEARS."

Two-time National Poetry Slam Champion and Button Poet Sierra DeMulder tells it like it is about tampons, i.e. unreasonable things for men to be afraid of. 

This is probably my favorite thing I’ve ever written. Also, I agreed to the title whilst drunk, which is to say tonight. Thanks for posting, Button!
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REMINDER: Order your Button Tee Shirt by 5:00 PM CST tomorrow (Wed Dec. 18th) for estimated delivery by Christmas!

Of course they picked this picture. There were so many other nice pictures.

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Danez Smith - “For Bayard Rustin”

"Did you ever grow tired of the beatings? When the licks of enemies hurt less than the tongues of friends, did your hand ever clench?"

Performing at the Macalester College Poetry Slam.

Danez Smith: dope poet. That is all.

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Homeless & The van Gobots - Twenty-Dirt

My good friend Homeless just released his new album with the van Gobots. You won’t be sad if you listen to it. In fact, you will be very, very happy.

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The Sadness Factory

is where I go when I run out of
Missing You. Because the door

is three feet high, you have to crawl
into the Factory. Let me tell you

about leaving: it’s either the drain
or the window. The carpet

at The Sadness Factory is all shag.
The drapes? Also shag. The walls

are supposed to change color with your mood,
but they have been broken since the 80s,

which I hear were a rough time for empathic
architecture. The Factory is, no joke,

shaped like a heart; sadness is the corniest
of emotions. The most popular time to visit

is at night because, again,
corniness, so they have hired the world’s

most incompetent security guard. He is always
weeping and saying something unintelligible

about my wife, my wife. Sadness
is much easier when you are reminded,

by phone, by accident, of what makes you
happy, so the Factory always smells

like maple syrup and snowmelt. There’s no
golden ticket. Iron, though. Cement. The lines

for samples are prohibitively long: New Apartment
Sadness; Everything Is Great but Something

Feels Strange Sadness; A Midsummer
Night’s Sadness; The Sadness of Wanting

To Break Something but Being Too Weak;
The Sadness that Comes from always Knowing

Exactly where You Are.

—Neil Hilborn

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Hieu Minh Nguyen - “Southbound”

"When the man outside my apartment pinned me to the sidewalk like a moth between the glass, I was impressed that race had nothing to do with it."

Performing at the November 2013 Soap Boxing Poetry Slam.